Vintage Wooden Oar


Vintage oars, sold individually.

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These single vintage wooden oars with a rustic paint finish are the perfect display vehicle. Just nestle in a corner with old worn rope, netting, floats or buoys for a natural nautical feel. They look fabulous on a wall as they are or add some hooks to the oars for quirky hanging space. Mount away from the wall with brackets for an unusual bathroom towel rail or create your own unique stair rail.

Size: (from left to right in image)

Pale blue oar, red tip (copper strapping next to red paint) –Ā  183.90cm x 12.60cm

Brown oar, red tip (copper strapping next to red paint) – 182.5cm x 12.40cm

Weathered engraved oar ‘TRS’ – 182.20cm x 12.00cm

Additional information

Single oar

Pale blue oar, red tip, Brown oar, red tip, Weathered engraved oar 'TRS'