Vintage Large Jars


Stunningly simple and lovely old large Hungarian vessels.

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Fabulous large vintage jars from Hungary originally used for preserving. The size of these jars makes such a strong statement that they can look striking just on their own but can also be used in a variety of ways. Try creating an indoor terrarium with moss, display a generous bunch of flowers or fill with ivy and lights. They look beautiful filled with a quantity of the same item. One customer tells me she fills jars with lemons, another with haberdashery spools.

Size: Height 34.6cm x Diameter 21.00cm. Width at neck 13.90cm. Opening at neck 12.90cm. Neck height 5.00cm.
The sizes will vary slightly from piece to piece but capacity is normally the same.

These are individual jars, please do not expect uniformity or perfection.  Each jar has unique characteristics, including bubbles and general wear and tear. This is what makes them special. The glass has a gentle green hue which again can vary from piece to piece.


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