Vintage French Jar with Aged Wire Flower Holder


Vintage French confiture jar with an aged wire flower holder.

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Marry a lovely old French confiture jar with an aged metal flower holder and you have the ideal table centrepiece for displaying small posies of flowers or other collectibles.

A simple idea which is derived from flower frogs which were designed to help you arrange your flowers.

The jars are old and the wire holders are new but subtly aged so that they sit perfectly with the vintage jars.

Vintage Jars Size: approx Height 9.5cm x Width 9.5-9.7 cm . The jars normally taper a little towards the base. Each jar will vary in size and design but is chosen to fit the wire holder.

Wire Holder Size: approx Diameter 9.8cm x 1.00cm. Lightly distressed metalware.